Workshop on STIR at MIC 2004 (19 October 2004)



  1. Introduction (KT) presentation as PDF
    1. Part I: what is it, history, info for end-users
    2. Part II: Developing new algorithms in STIR
  2. Single Scatter Simulation in STIR (CT) presentation as PDF
    preliminary implementation, some results
  3. FORE in STIR (ON) presentation as PDF
    implementation, usage and performance.
  4. Closing (KT)

Files used for the interactive demonstration by KT

These files are parts of the STIR 1.3 distribution and can be found in the examples subdirectory. There is a README.txt explaining what the files are on how to reproduce the demo.


Many thanks to the conference organisers and in particular Sybille Ziegler and Alberto del Guerra for making the room available.
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