STIR User's Meeting at MIC 2011

Where and when

IEEE Medical Imaging Conference, Valencia, Spain
Thursday 27th of October at 6:30 pm



Approximate duration: 2 hours.

  1. Kris Thielemans
    Introduction to STIR 2.1 version - History - Demo
  2. Charalampos Tsoumpas
    Simulating PET data using STIR
  3. David Volgyes
    Use of STIR for the COMPET project
  4. Logo competition
  5. Future of STIR:
    (Slides included in the overview PDF by Kris Thielemans)

Number of attendants

Approximately 45.


Many thanks to Philips Healthcare for sponsoring this meeting, and to the MIC conference organisers for making the room available, helping with catering etc !

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