STIR/SimSET/ASIM User's Meeting at MIC 2012

After the success of previous year's User's Meetings and the large overlap in audience, we decided to have a joint meeting focussing on the synergies between these three open source packages used for medical imaging research: STIR, SimSET, ASIM.

Where and when

IEEE Medical Imaging Conference, Anaheim, CA, USA
Thursday 1st of November 12.40-14.00



Note: PDFs and AVIs of the presentations are made available under the Creative Commons "Attribution-NoDerivs" license, allowing redistribution without modification with credit to the author(s).
The AVIs are "screen and voice" captures made using CAMStudio. You will likely need the XVid decoder to be able to see this (get it here for windows/linux and here for Mac, although these links might be out-of-date). On MAC, you will also need a player such as VLC.

  1. Introduction (Kris Thielemans)
  2. SimSET (Robert Harrison)
  3. ASIM (Brian Elston) PDF, AVI (20MB)
  4. STIR (Kris Thielemans) PDF, AVI (38MB)
  5. SPECT reconstruction with STIR (Berta Marti, Univ Barcelona) PDF, AVI (27MB)
  6. STIR simulated PET data-sets based on MR (Charalampos Tsoumpas) PDF, AVI (9MB)
  7. Open discussion

Number of attendants

Approximately 65.


Many thanks to GE Research for sponsoring this meeting, and to the MIC conference organisers for making the room available, helping with projectors etc !

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