IEEE MIC 2015 Satellite Workshop on Open Source Software in Medical Imaging


Where and when

IEEE Medical Imaging Conference, San Diego, CA, USA
Saturday, 7 November, 2015, 13:00-16:30, Pacific Salon 3


Open source software is established as one of the new successful ways of accelerating software development and scientific discoveries across different scientific domains. In tomography, several packages have been developed and extensively used. The aim of this workshop was to provide a comprehensive summary of existing packages in Medical Imaging relevant to the conference attendees. During this workshop experienced developers presented the most recent developments of image reconstruction software libraries. Additional time was allowed for discussion between the speakers and the audience.

The event was free and no registration was required. We had about 55 attendants.

Programme and presentations

All presentations are kindly made available by the presenters under the Creative Commons "Attribution-NoDerivs" license, allowing redistribution without modification with credit to the author(s).

See the conference site for timings and abstracts.


The meeting was recorded via WebEx using non-professional equipment. In addition, the recording quality depended on network throughput at the conference site. Sound quality is therefore sometimes poor, especially in the discussion session at the end where some speakers were too far from the microphone. Nevertheless, we make this recording available for those who could not make it to the workshop.
PLAY RECORDING (3 hr 35 min)


This event was sponsored by GE Research and the UK Collaborative Computational Project (CCP) in synergistic PET-MR reconstruction.

Many thanks to the MIC conference organisers (in particular Ralf Engels, Tony Lavietes and Dave Gregory) for helping with the announcements, making the room available, looking into audio facilities, sorting out catering, etc etc.

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