STIR at the 2nd International Training School on PET-MRI Engineering

This page is for participants in the 2nd Training School on PET/MR in Leeds, UK. It will be occasionally updated with extra information. Please refresh the page when you re-visit.

During the course, we will have practical exercises using STIR. These exercises are an integral part of the course. To be able to participate, students are asked to bring their own laptop if possible.

We highly recommend you install STIR in the vGATE virtual machine, which you need for other parts of the course. Check vGATE installation instructions here. Installation scripts for STIR in vGATE are provided below.

If you do not want to use vGATE, this is possible of course. STIR runs on Linux, Mac OS and Windows. However, as some of the examples will use shell scripts, on Windows you will need to install either (preferably) Cygwin or MSYS (we have not tried MSYS yet). You can still use Visual Studio (Express) if you prefer for the compilation.

If you want to prepare for these exercises, have a look at the files in examples/PET_simulation provided in the download below.

Note that some of the links below point to DropBox locations. There is no need to sign-up to DropBox, just continue with download only.

Source code and documentation

Please note that the STIR version that we will be using is somewhat more recent that the current official release 3.0. Therefore, download from the link below, even if you have already installed STIR 3.0. This file contains the documentation as well, but you might find it easier to find this on the STIR web-site.
Zip file with updated source code.


Below is a link to scripts to install STIR on vGATE. The scripts should work on other Debian systems as well, maybe even Redhat.
zip file with scripts. (On Debian-based systems such as Ubuntu, these scripts will also install Amide).

If vGATE does not work for you, you can follow then normal STIR installation instructions, part of the STIR documentation. Easiest is to check the STIR wiki.

Demo files

Please download a zip file with data and scripts for the exercises.


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