STIR credits

Overall technical development supervisor: Thielemans, Kris

contributions since the PARAPET EU project (April 2000)

See also the contrib sub-directory available in the documentation zip file.

Overall technical development supervisor: Thielemans, Kris

Institutions/individuals contributing (ordered roughly chronologically):

1.  Medical Research Council (MRC), Cyclotron Unit
   London, UK
   (1/4/2000 - 13/02/2001)
   Thielemans, Kris 

2. Imaging Research Solutions Ltd (later called Hammersmith Imanet Ltd)
   London UK   
   (14/02/2001 - 30/06/2011 )
   Thielemans, Kris 
   Mustafovic, Sanida
   Tsoumpas, Charalampos
   Kerrouche, Nacer
   Borgeaud, Timothy

3. Imperial College London and Medical Research Council
   London UK
   Mustafovic, Sanida (2000 - 2003)
   Tsoumpas, Charalampos (2004 - 2008) 

4. National Technical University of Athens, Greece
   Basic support for SimSET, single scatter implementation, B-splines
   Tsoumpas, Charalampos
   Dikaios, Nikolaos 
   supervisors Nikita, Konstantina and Thielemans, Kris 

5. Univ of Barcelona, Spain
   Basic support for SimSET, testing of single scatter implementation
   Aguiar, Pablo
   supervisors Ros, Domenec and Thielemans, Kris 

6. Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center
   Updates to the Shape3D hierarchy 
   Schmidtlein, C. Ross
   Kirov, Assen S 

7. Univ of Paderborn, Germany
   Initial version for parallelisation of OSMAPOSL using MPI
   Beisel, Tobias
   supervisor Lietsch, Stefan and Thielemans, Kris 

8. Algorithms and Software Consulting Ltd, UK
   General maintenance, swig updates for Python support
   Thielemans, Kris

9. King's College London, UK
   Initial version for motion utilities including motion-corrected reconstruction from gated data
   Some additional IO
   Tsoumpas, Charalampos

10. University College London, UK
   Some bug fixes, help with integration and general maintenance
   Thielemans, Kris

11. University of Barcelona, Spain
   SPECT projector matrix 
   Falcón, Carlés

12. Institute for Bioengineering of Catalonia, Spain
    Integration of SPECT UB code into STIR, SPECT Interfile IO, ITK IO.
    Martí Fuster, Berta

Contributors during the PARAPET EU project

(1997 - 30/03/2000)


1. Hammersmith Hospital - Medical Research Council (MRC)
   London, UK
   Terry SPINKS

2. Brunel University
   Department of Mathematical Sciences
   London, UK
   Gautam MITRA

3. Ospedale San Raffaele (HSR)
   Dipartemento di Scienze e Technologie Biomediche
   Milan, Italy
   Maria Carla GILARDI

4. Technion - Israel Institute of Technology
   MINERVA, Optimization Center (MOC)
   Haifa, Israel

5. ELGEMS Ltd.
   Haifa, Israel
   Michael WILK

6. Geneva University Hospital (HUG)
   Division of Nuclear Medicine
   Geneva, Switzerland
   Christian MOREL

7. Parsytec GmbH
   Aachen, Germany
   Arwed EXNER, Carsten RIETBROCK, Stefan KAISER, Volkmar FRIEDRICH


	Zverovich, Alexey (Brunel)
	Zibulevsky, Michael (MOC)
	Zaidi, Habib (HUG)
	Valente, Patrick (Brunel)
	Thielemans, Kris (MRC)
	Sauge, Damien (HUG)
	Sadki, Mustapha (Brunel)
	Pagani, Elizabetta (HSR)
	Mustafovic, Sanida (MRC)
	Labbe, Claire (HUG)
	Jacobson, Matthew (MOC)
	Hague, Darren (Brunel)
	Gordon, Ekaterina (MOC)
	Belluzzo, Damiano (HSR)

Design I:

	Zibulevsky, Michael (MOC)
	Thielemans, Kris (MRC)
	de Oliveira, Cristina (MRC)
	Labbe, Claire (HUG)
	Hague, Darren (Brunel)

Design II:

	Zverovich, Alexey (Brunel)
	Thielemans, Kris (MRC, IRSL) 
	Sadki, Mustapha (Brunel)
	Mustafovic, Sanida (MRC, IRSL)
	Jacobson, Matthew (MOC)
Overall technical development supervisor: Thielemans, Kris (MRC)

Institutions/individuals who contributed code before the PARAPET EU project

1. University of Lausanne, Switserland
   Matthias Egger, Christian Morel
   Incremental interpolating backprojector, ray-tracing forward projector,
   Colsher filter for 3DRP, FORE

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