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Simulated 4D PET-MR datasets

Charalampos Tsoumpas (King's College London) has made a set of simulated 4D PET-MR datasets available that can be used freely by anyone (academia and industry) for any scientific investigation. You can find further information on the relevant website.

STIR-specific Interfile file format

STIR uses a modified version of Interfile for its native data format. The modifications were intended to become part of Interfile 4.0 but it is not clear if this will ever happen. See the original proposal as PDF for more information on the modifications. (Note that currently, STIR does not support images that are in strict Interfile version 3.3 format. Moreover, it only supports a subset of the suggested new keywords).

External project to convert GATE output to STIR

GATE_PET_2_STIR is a project (independent from STIR) to convert GATE data to STIR sinograms. Let us know how it works via the mailing list.

PARAPET deliverables

The PARAPET project (precursor of STIR) has a number of deliverables that are still somewhat useful for STIR users. You can find them here.

Other Open Source reconstruction software

There are a number of other software packages available for PET/SPECT/CT image reconstruction. This is an (incomplete?) overview with some subjective comments.

All these packages concentrate on image reconstruction for static imaging. STIR is unique in providing a flexible open source framework for PET including scatter estimation and routines for dynamic imaging.

Some MRI reconstruction software

A very incomplete list.

Framework for multi-modality reconstruction software

Other open source software for PET

You could read the following review by Roberto de la Prieta Free Software for PET Imaging

Some analytic simulators

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