Publications related to STIR

The main publication describing STIR is:

Kris Thielemans, Charalampos Tsoumpas, Sanida Mustafovic, Tobias Beisel, Pablo Aguiar, Nikolaos Dikaios, and Matthew W Jacobson,
STIR: Software for Tomographic Image Reconstruction Release 2,
Physics in Medicine and Biology, 57 (4), 2012 pp.867-883.
Please refer to this paper if you use STIR.

If you use STIR for SPECT, please also refer to

BM Fuster, C Falcon, C Tsoumpas, L Livieratos, P Aguiar, A Cot, D Ros, K Thielemans,
Integration of advanced 3D SPECT modeling into the open-source STIR framework,
Medical Physics 40 (9), 092502, 2013.

Below is a hand-crafted list of papers that describe STIR. There is also a corresponding (and more useful) database on CiteULike. If you use a specific STIR feature described in one of these papers, a reference would be appreciated.

A (probably incomplete) list of references to papers that use STIR is available on this CiteULike page. There's a Wiki page with instructions on how to add your own paper to those lists.


Journal papers describing/evaluating STIR (components)

Proceedings describing/evaluating STIR (components)

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