PARAPET License Agreement

Parapet Project Software Distribution Agreement

This agreement regulates the distribution of the software developed in the Parapet project. Under this agreement and by downloading the Parapet Software, the recipient of the software agrees to the following principles and conditions:

1. The software is copyright the Parapet Consortium comprising the partners of the Parapet Esprit Long Term Research Project Number 23493 (Parapet Project).

2. The software may be used for any purpose provided the partners in the Parapet Project are individually acknowledged in that use.

3. The software and accompanying documentation are supplied without warranty, without maintenance and without acceptance by any of the partners in the Parapet Project of any liability for any outcomes of their use. The Parapet software is provided as is and with no guarantees as to its performance or its appropriateness for any specific situation. The partners of the Parapet Project are not responsible for any data loss, equipment damage, property loss, or injury to subjects or patients resulting from the use or misuse the Parapet software. Diagnoses drawn from using the Parapet software are at the users full responsibility. Special care should be taken in a setting where misinterpretations could injure a patient or subject. The Parapet Partners make no warranty that the Parapet software is free of programming or conceptual errors. Provision of the Parapet software does not imply or ensure any additional support especially after changes in operating software releases for the platforms used. There is also no guarantee that the user will be notified of any programming errors that are discovered or that the user will be provided with future updated versions of this tool. The partners of the Parapet Project disclaim all liability for direct or indirect damage resulting from the use of the Parapet software.

4. Licensing of third party software embedded in the software is the responsibility of the recipient organisation who agrees to obtain appropriate licences.