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Getting editing permission

At present, the STIR Wiki is only editable after the following convoluted process (this is enforced by sourceforge and we cannot change this):

  1. create a sourceforge (SF) user account (use the "create account" link in the top right hand corner of this web page) and log-in (if you log-in via OpenID, you need to make sure that it is tied to an SF account. Otherwise, any SF wiki page will time-out as the software is trying to find your SF account.)
  2. visit any STIR Wiki page (such as this one)
  3. send Kris Thielemans or Charalampos 'Harry' Tsoumpas an email with your sourceforge user name saying that you want to edit the wiki.
  4. we then have to add you to the editor group. We will send you an email once that's done.

Please note that by editing a page, you agree to use the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License CreativeCommons-BY-SA-Logo.png

How to edit

Once you have permission (and are logged in), you should see "edit" links on the right in each page, and have an "edit" tab. Don't forget to preview the results of your edits, fill in a brief description of your edit in the Summary box, and then save the edits.

There are help buttons available once you edit a page/section.

To load a bitmap (e.g. jpg, gif), a recommended procedure is to first refer to the bitmap in the text of the wiki page using a syntax such as [[image:tst.png|description]], save the page, then click on the red link to upload your bitmap. (The filename on the wiki doesn't have to be the same as what you were using locally.)

STIR Wiki administration

Here are some (generic) links on how to use the wiki software itself (only useful for the admins):

However, it seems that on Sourceforge, most (all?) admin is done via the toolbox on the left of Wiki pages. For instance, to give a user editor rights:

  1. click on the "Special pages" in the toolbox on the left
  2. choose "User rights management" ( direct link)
  3. enter the username in the box
  4. tick the "editor" box