Getting STIR on a Virtual Machine

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Instructions to get STIR via a Virtual Machine

A Virtual Machine is a way to get pre-installed software ready to run on your own system. You might have heard of for instance used by the OpenGATE project. You can of course install STIR in vGATE using the normal STIR installation instructions. However, we have also created a VM with our own software (currently without GATE). The VM currently runs Lubuntu 15.10.

Installation instructions

1. Download the OVA file from

2. Follow the instructions on (scroll-down a bit). Don't forget to update the software as detailed on the page (the first update will take a while).

3. Once this is done, open a Terminal on your VM and type (be patient again).

4. If you want to follow the, download to your own PC and open it to a set of instructions how to do the exercises. (Alternatively, open it on the VM from ```~/STIR-exercises``` using ABIWord).


Your VM will now have an up-to-date version of STIR (and the SIRF software of our related project at, and also a copy of the in the home directory.