Results of the STIR Survey February 2012

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The first STIR survey was held between 27 January and 20 February 2012. The survey was conducted using the LimeSurvey (open-source) software as hosted on the Sourceforge website. There were 49 responses. A few of these indicated that they were representing others as well. This brought the total number of answers to 67. As a comparison, on 8 March 2012 the stir-users mailing list had 242 members, the developer’s list had 77 members and the stir-announce list had 208 members.

Detailed results are available in the following documents

The survey was run and analyzed by Kris Thielemans (Algorithms and Software Consuling Ltd). Many thanks to the following people for helping in preparing and testing the survey (listed alphabetically): Brian Elston (Univ Washington), Charalampos Tsoumpas (King’s College London), Dávid Völgyes(Univ Oslo), Matthew Jacobson (Xoran Technologies), Pablo Aguiar (Fundación IDICHUS Santiago Compostela), Paul Kinahan (Univ Washington), Robert Harrison (Univ Washington).