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A (probably incomplete) list of references to papers that use STIR is available on this CiteULike page. Please add your own paper that uses STIRthere (you will have to join the stir-software (open) group on CiteULike).

A list of publications that evaluate or describe certain STIR components is on the STIR main page (section 'Other info'). See also the stir-software tag on the CiteULike page.

How to add your own reference to the list

Prefered solution: add it to citeulike yourself

  • register at CiteULike and join the (open) stir-software group.
  • add your entry via the CiteULike interface (see below), using relevant tags, ideally re-using the existing ones, but create a new tag (in the same style) if you feel it's appropriate. In particular, use the tag uses-stir, and maybe uses-simset, uses-gate etc
  • if you didn't select the stir-software group when posting, copy the entry to the group

Posting to CiteULike is relatively easy. See the FAQ. If the page doesn't have a citeulike button, you can use this page or the CiteULike bookmarklets. Note that for a few journals such as Medical Physics (at time of writing: Nov 2011), you need to post via the DOI (via this page or select the DOI, and press the advanced bookmarklet), or you could post from a pubmed page.

It is usually a good idea to correct postings using the Edit button->refetch from CrossRef->Refetch All. In particular, this is currently necessary for IEEE conference proceedings, as the bookmarklet wrongly classifies it as a paper. (KT does this by using Post&Review which currently only works when posting to a single group).

Alternative solution

If you cannot do the above, or just have not enough time, you can always try to send an email to Kris Thielemans and Charalampos Tsoumpas who might then add it for yourself. Please provide:

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