Software for Tomographic Image Reconstruction

STIR is Open Source software for use in tomographic imaging. Its aim is to provide a Multi-Platform Object-Oriented framework for all data manipulations in tomographic imaging. Currently, the emphasis is on (iterative) image reconstruction in PET and SPECT, but other application areas and imaging modalities can and might be added.

STIR is the successor of the PARAPET software library which was the result of a (European Union funded) collaboration between 6 different partners (see Credits).

Current stable version is 3.0, released 25 April 2014.

Future meetings

Short Course on Image Reconstruction at the IEEE MIC 2017.
Information for participants.
STIR User's Meeting at the IEEE MIC 2017, Atlanta, USA.
Announcement and agenda.

Previous meetings

STIR User's Meeting at the IEEE MIC 2016, Strasbourg, France
Announcement and agenda.

Satellite Workshop on Open Source Software in Medical Imaging at the IEEE MIC 2015, San Diego, CA, USA
Short Course on Image Reconstruction at the IEEE MIC 2015.
Information for participants.
This also contains a link to a Virtual Machine with STIR pre-installed, together with exercises in Python.
STIR at the 2nd International Training School on PET-MRI Engineering, Leeds, UK
Information for participants.

STIR is currently maintained by Kris Thielemans, University College London, with considerable help by Charalampos Tsoumpas, University of Leeds. Jannis Fischer, ETH maintains the Wiki.

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