STIR Registration


The STIR software is protected by international copyright. However, we decided to give everyone the opportunity to use and change it, but under some licensing restrictions. Moreover, we will ask you to fill in a registration form.

Unfortunately, due to historical and commercial reasons, the licensing situation is somewhat complex. Here is an overview (see below for more details on the licenses):

License details

We do not give a thorough discussion of the licenses. We only attempt here to give a short and informal overview of our understanding. You have to read the licenses to get the full details.

GNU licenses

The Free Software Foundation ( is a non-commercial organisation that has a long standard in providing Open Source software. The main intention of the (L)GPL licenses is to make the software (and source code) available to everyone to use, while protecting the interests of the developers by putting restrictions on distribution of software incorporating the software. The FSF has 2 licenses available, the GNU General Public License (GPL) and the GNU Lesser GPL, see also the FSF's page on licenses. These licenses both use the copyleft mechanism to make sure that any redistributed derivative of the licensed software has to have a license compatible with the original one (in particular, enforcing making source code available). The difference between the GPL and the LGPL is that the LGPL allows commercial (or non-LGPL) programmes to link with the library (you still have to give credit and distribute the source), while the GPL forces any application using the software to be GPL'ed as well. This is done by requiring that any GPL program can only use other software components whose license is compatible with the GPL. However, note that a commercial application can still run a GPL'ed program, as long as it is clear it is used as a stand-alone product.

Parapet Project Software Distribution Agreement

The PARAPET license states more or less that you can have the software, and use it for any purpose at all, under the condition that "the partners in the Parapet Project are individually acknowledged in that use".



All licenses disclaim all warranty.


If after all this, you still think STIR is for you (I wouldn't know why not), then you have to read the GPL, the GNU Lesser GPL and the PARAPET license. Then click the appropriate button below.

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